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About Us

Serendipity Backgrounds are a revolutionary solutions for professional photography studios. Our background designers are collective group of creative professionals including a traditional painter, digital graphic artist, and a photographic artist. Utilizing all three mediums, Serendipity Backgrounds has some of the most current and trendy designs. Our affordable backgrounds are available at fraction of the cost of most traditional backgrounds. Also the ease of storage and use of Serendipity Backgrounds makes them a great addition to any studio. Combine all of that with our 99%+ customer satisfaction, fast shipping (5 business day average), and top level customer service we make a great partner for your photography business. We even have custom designers available to develop that specific design you have been looking for.

All of our backgrounds are manufactured right here in the USA. Many background companies that produce larger digitally printed backgrounds are out sourcing to China. We prefer to keep American jobs in America and don't feel that we need to help the Chinese economy. Buy American and be proud of it.

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